PM ChatGPT Prompts.

OpenAI prompt guide.

Stakeholder communication plan:

Prompt: "Develop a communication plan for engaging with project stakeholders. Outline the key messages, communication channels, and frequency of updates. Consider tailoring the communication style to different stakeholder groups, ensuring transparency and alignment with project goals."

Project progress email draft:

Prompt: "Draft an email updating stakeholders on the current project progress. Include key milestones achieved, any challenges faced, and the plan moving forward. Strive for clarity, brevity, and a positive tone to maintain stakeholder confidence."

User engagement strategies:

Prompt: "Explore creative ways to increase user engagement within our product. Consider gamification elements, social integration, or other strategies that could enhance user interaction and retention. How can we make our product more enjoyable and sticky?"

Feature enhancement prompt:

Prompt: "Explore potential enhancements for our product's user interface to improve overall user experience. Consider both visual and functional aspects, and suggest features that align with our users' needs and industry trends."